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Get the Quickest HCG Diet Results

The HCG diet has helped thousands of people over the years to achieve their weight loss goals quickly and easily. As with everything, though, results do vary from person to person. This leads to the common question of how to get the quickest, maximum weight loss results from the HCG diet. While it’s important to remember that people are all different, and some lose weight easier than others, there are a few little things you can do in order to help achieve results quicker, and to be sure that the ones you experience are maximized.

If you need to lose weight quickly because of some event that is only a few weeks away, you might want to try the 15 day HCG diet. Typically, the HCG diet protocol has a 3-4 week duration, but there are ways to cut it down to half the time. You will not lose as much weight on the 15 day diet as you would on the 30 day version, but sometimes a person only needs to lose 10-20lbs, and that’s fine. The 15 day HCG diet is pretty much the same as the longer one, with the exception that it’s shorter. If you want information on the shorter duration variety, check out the HCG diet forums online and ask some of the dieters there. They can help you out with a lot of HCG diet information and give you some helpful hints and tips to speed you on your way.

Sometimes, people will try and eat less than the 500 calorie a day recommendation in order to maximize their weight loss. This is not a healthy thing to do at all, and should never be tried. 500 calories a day is already an extremely low amount of calories, and should not be continued for an extended period of time by anyone. Eating any less could put you at serious risk of malnutrition and starvation, and these two nasty afflictions bring with them their own potential health risks, some of them being quite serious.

Exercise is another way to lose more weight on the HCG diet that should be avoided. That is, it should be avoided during phase 2. The HCG diet is designed to give you the calories you need for your body to function throughout the day, but not to function at high or even elevated levels of energy expenditure. Your body probably requires more calories than you realize in order to simply exist from day to day. Breathing, heartbeat, the dividing of cells, etc. all these things require energy and this energy comes from the food you eat (or the fat stores in the case of HCG dieters). When you put your body in a place where it requires even more energy, such as a state of moderate to vigorous exercise, it can cause greatly increased hunger and make following the 500 calorie a day diet all but impossible.

In order to get the quickest and best results on the HCG diet plan, the simple truth is that you must follow the diet to the letter. Do not eat anything that isn’t on your list of approved foods, and remember to take your HCG supplements daily. As mentioned before, you can get some simple hints and tips from others on the HCG diet forums, but these little things should be the extent of your work-arounds. The HCG diet is fast and burns a lot of fat by nature, trying to speed up the process can very quickly spiral out of control and lead to potentially disastrous effects.